Patient Care

Patient Care is our central focus at Three Peaks Teaching and Research Clinic and it contains two ideas, Self Care and Knowledge, that are very important for our patient’s well being.

Self-care describes the actions that an individual might take in order to reach optimal physical and mental health. Manual Therapy Professionals often use the term self-care to refer to one’s ability to take care of the activities of daily living, or ADLs, such as feeding oneself, showering, brushing one’s teeth, wearing clean clothes, and attending to medical concerns. Physical self-care, such as sleep and exercise, is also an ADL. When an individual is recovering from injury, it is important that they create an environment that encourages efficient healing while maintaining ADL’s.

Knowledge is a individual’s familiarity or understanding of themselves and how their body works which is acquired through experience or education.

This page contains information that patients can use to make decisions about their health care and to foster discussions with their therapist to ensure they are getting the best possible care for them.


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