Massage Rates

We Direct Bill Insurance

We direct bill all insurance companies through Telus Health and Greenshield. Please click INSURANCE to find out if your insurance can be direct billed.

Neuromuscular Massage

$73.50 (includes GST) – 30 Minute Treatment: Focus on one specific condition/complaint. Includes an assessment and treatment.*

$115.50 (includes GST) – 60 Minute Treatment: Focus on two specific conditions/complaints. Includes an assessment and treatment. *

Therapeutic Massage

$68.25 (includes GST) – 30 Minute Treatment

$105 (includes GST) – 60 MInute Treatment #

$141.75 (includes GST) – 90 Minute Treatment #


* all initial Neuromuscular Treatments include a Treatment Plan and Prognosis to be approved by the patient

# all initial Therapeutic Massage Treatments will include a Treatment Plan to be approved by the Patient

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