Biofreeze Professional 4oz bottle $25 (plus  GST)   Biofreeze is the number 1 Analgesic in the healthcare market. Providing effective, long lasting pain relief. Made with high quality natural ingredients Biofreeze is is distributed exclusively by The Vitality Depot and sold only by healthcare and rehabilitation professionals Harnessing the natural power of Ilex, a unique … Continue reading Biofreeze

Arctic Ease® Wraps

Arctic Ease® Wraps   Small (2.75" x 36" in) $15 (plus GST) Large (4" x 60" in)      $25 (plus GST)   Arctic Ease® wraps are a two-in-one solution, that provide cryotherapy and compression. Cryotherapy and compression help by reducing pain and swelling, whether from arthritis, muscle pains, strains, sprains, repetitive motion injuries, or bruises. Once … Continue reading Arctic Ease® Wraps